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Basic HTML codes
Simple HTML which you can edit your description box on the customize page from your tumblr.
Font styling
Font coloring
Font sizing
Text aligning
Make a link
Adding a background color
Scrolling Marquee Styling
Other Tutorials
Miscellaneous tutorials for your blog, most of these require you to paste the code in the edit html section on the customize page.
Add captions to posts
Add links to your sidebar or header
Make a blogroll
Cursors & Scripts
Disable right click
Drop down menu
Free Hosted Scripts (online users)
How to install a theme
Image effects
How to make a me page (tagged pages)
Rainbow links
Slide down Menu
Snow storm effect
Typing title

Font styling

Bold text

Italic text

Underlined text

Strike through text

Font color

You can use basic color names like: black, white, red, green, blue, yellow etc, or can use HEX colors like: #000000 (black), #FFFFFF (white), #FF0000 (red), #00FF00 (green), #0000FF (blue) or #FFFF00 (yellow). You can generate any color you'd like on this website.

Color is red

Color is #00CCFF

Font sizing

Font is size 4

Font is 20px

Text aligning

Center aligned text

Left aligned text

Right aligned text


This link will bring you to Google.

This link will open Google in a new tab.

Link to an email address.
This link will open your email program and make everything ready to send an email to the used email address. For the example we used example@hotmail.com, change this by the email address you want people to contact you on.

Adding a background color to text

Background color is now yellow.

Edit the color by changing yellow in the code below. You can use any HEX color code for this, visit this website to generate a color you'd like.

Full width colored background block:

Background color is yellow.

For full width, delete display:inline-block; from the code given above.

Scrolling Marquee Styling

Demo One Demo Two

Generate your own scrolling marquee on this website.

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