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Why is Infinite Scroll Disabled? Music players and other scripts may interfere with Infinite Scroll. If you have a problem with the infinite scrolling it is suggested you install the theme again as it may have been fixed in a new version. There is not much Themes by James can do if you have this problem as we don’t make the infinite scroll codes. Why won't my sidebar banner image show? Try uploading the image again and make sure you have ticked “show sidebar/banner image” in the appearance sidebar of the customize page. Why won't my ask or submit box show. It is important to know this has nothing to do with the theme you installed. If you go to your ask page and it shows this message “The URL you requested could not be found” Then check your blog setting via the Tumblr dashboard and check if your ask box is turned on. Why won't my tweets show up? Double check you have entered you twitter username correctly, it may be also due to the fact that your tweets are protected. You can change this in your twitter settings. How do I add captions (text under photos) Simply follow this tutorial Here. Why is my follow/dashboard button missing? The buttons should show back after a few minutes and this can happen to any theme you install, not just themes by James. The tumblr 'follow' and 'dashboard' button are put there by tumblr itself, not by Themes by James or any other theme designer. My theme doesn’t look like the preview? OR Can I have the code for preview two? The code for preview one and preview two are exactly the same! To make your theme look like one of the previews simply go to the customize page and in the appearance tab change around the options such as; the sidebar position, page colors and number of columns. Can you edit my theme for me? Themes by James may edit your theme at a flat fee of $10 AUD for minor edits this includes changes in the number of columns, changes in the size of posts etc. If you would like a significant change to your theme or a custom theme please contact Themes by James for a quote. (Payments are via Paypal and or Shopify and are in Australian dollars only)
Otherwise Themes by James cannot change your theme for you this includes; fonts, number of columns, post sizes, post permalinks, banner images etcetera. Check out my tutorials for some help and remember that google can be extremely helpful.
I found an error/issue with my theme? It is important to contact Themes by James if something is not right with your theme. Please report the name of your theme and the issue you are experiencing. (Make sure you are using the latest version of the theme.) BEFORE you proceed to send a message: Make sure you have read all of the frequently asked questions above. Themes by James receive a large amount of questions each day and it is almost impossible to reply to them all. Please do not ask a question which is listed above.

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